Happy New Year History and Celebration Ideas

Happy New Year is a national holiday celebrated all over the world on 1st January, this tradition of celebrating new year started in B.C 45 1st January on Julian Calendar.

The first new year started from the era of Roman emperor Julius Caesar, he decided that there was a need to reform the traditional calendar, the changes took place in the 7th century B.C. the new Roman calendar tried to follow lunar cycle but fell out seasons frequently and had to be corrected in addition to corruption of authorities by extending political term and elections.

Caesar, with the aid of Alexandrian astronomer a sosigenes, who advised him to follow solar year as did the Egyptians, and the calculation of year was 365 and 1/4 day. And Caesar in 46 B.C added 67 days making 1st January begins on 45 B.C. because of 1/4 remaining day to complete solar year cycle he decreed that every 4 years 1 day be added to February. in 44 B.C caesar was assassinated, and Mark Anthony decided to honor him by changing Quintilis to Julius ( knows as July). Later sixties was named as Augustus (Knows as August).

New year history & why do we celebrate new years

During the Middle Ages, Happy New Year Fell out of practice as Caesar and sosigenes failed to calculate the correct value of the solar year, the church became aware of this problem as Pope Gregory XIII commissioned Christopher Clavius Astronomer to come up with the new calendar.

happy new year 2020
happy new year 2020

Happy new year celebration ideas

the happy new year is celebrated on 1st January as a national holiday all over the world. on the day of Happy New Year Eve friends and families all over the world visit each other share some happy memories, play games, Wish each other for Longevity and prosperity.

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Attending a Formal Party

New year day is celebrated all across the world, on this day some people like to participate in the party. There are open-air events, street party and other events that include musicians Dj’s, food, and fireworks. Some of them are free to attend, and some require tickets to attend. On this day some peoples go dancing club to share drinks and dance, many of the upscale restaurants host new year eve gala’s. On the eve of the new year, Christians attend watch-night-service at midnight church.

Going to Party

There are various types of parties, people like to attend house parties where families and friends gather together to share drinks and play games, going out for dinner with family and kids is a low-key way to celebrate the happy new year. Holding a family gathering is also an excellent way on how to celebrate the happy new year, on the eve of new year couples go on a date to watch firework and eat dinner.

Honoring the Tradition

The culture of humanity is vast as the ocean, and honoring the ancestor and celebrating the happy new year is one of the most important facts about this day. All over the world various countries have different cultures depending on where you’re from you have different ways to honor your tradition, families of some like to create their own tradition to celebrate happy new year day by sharing a meal together or going out for dinner, it’s never late to make your own tradition this new year by going out for dinner or staying home or watching fireworks and hosting happy new year party. so how do you like our Happy New Year celebration ideas for families